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Bunn’s Boudoir on Tour is a photography studio hosting boudoir marathons worldwide with the mission: “Helping women feel beautiful through classy boudoir photos.”

Boudoir Marathon Sessions are shot back to back in amazing locations all over the world; they are delicately organized to ensure that each woman will have a boutique experience despite the fast-paced nature of the One Day Only Event. Every event will be in a different major city monthly, but still withhold the same mission statement. (International locations will be announced soon … Get ready, Australia— and France, maybe!?)



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Bunn Salarzon is one of the Best Boudoir Photographers in Portland, Oregon. (Making Women Feel Beautiful, est. 2007)

//WHO IS BUNN SALARZON? I’m in the business of making women feel beautiful by giving them a safe environment to feel strong and confident in front of my lens … I allow them to tap into their playfulness, their inhibitions, and empower them to let their true beauty come out. My camera is just a vessel to give women who are in front of my lens to see themselves as beautiful as they really are. I don’t believe in photo-chopping, but I take great pride in perfecting these images to showcase their real beauty— not what the media says they should look like. Real Beauty comes in many size, shape, color, and age!

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#boudoir Portland Boudoir on Film Photographer | Bunn Salarzon


“ABSOLUTELY AN AMAZING AND WORTHWHILE EXPERIENCE! Bunn has an intuitive talent for capturing a story within photos. She goes above the expectations of a photo session to make sure her clients are treated well and taken care of by her and her special team. Being a cancer survivor, I was left feeling self conscious about the way I looked in photos and how I carried myself … After my session, I was in complete awe of how comfortable and confident I felt. I definitely do not regret gathering up the nerve to be photographed by Bunn and would do it again.” —Jessica



#boudoirphotos Bunn Salarzon Photography - Portland Oregon Boudoir Photographer | Classy, Tasteful Boudoir Pictures


I love, love the look of film and the entire process in between. There’s just something about film that’s soft and extraordinary which is how I usually see the women I get to photograph. When I used to do “sexy and bold” boudoir photography, I never really felt connected to the final images, which is why I drastically changed the way I shoot. Currently, I’m obsessed with doing at-home boudoir photo shoots; it’s intimate and more sentimental to the subject herself. When I used to shoot in hotels, like The Nines, I quickly saw how much the same background was seen in everyone else’s photos, too. Therefore, I no longer use hotels; any home with pretty sunlight is a better option.



#boudoirphotos Bunn Salarzon Photography - Portland Oregon Boudoir Photographer | Classy, Tasteful Boudoir Pictures


A private photo session is also available for those who would like to experience a full day of shooting. You’ll get dolled up by one of the best professional hair and makeup artists that I love working with, and I’ll find locations where we can shoot both indoor and outdoor so that we have the creative freedom to just create beauty as we see it.

//THE MISSION: I want to help you be confident in your own skin. (FACT: A little bit of confidence can go a long way, and I’ll help you the rest of the way!)
I, along with a professional wardrobe stylist, will help prepare you for your photo shoot … It starts with a careful selection of the right outfits for your body type, not what you see on Pinterest and magazines that have been Photoshopped extensively. Why spend so much time looking at others to copy when we can spend that time creating something just for you? You deserve your own experience. Whether you’re a corporate executive or work-from-home mom, my goal is to show every woman that she DESERVES to have something amazing for herself. Have a specific theme in mind that you want to do? We want to help you express yourself.