Boudoir Photography Tips: How to Host Boudoir Marathon Events

What You Need to Know About Boudoir Marathon Events

Really, I am no expert on this topic by any means, but I am writing this down — yes, publicly — to share my first-ever boudoir marathon experience (aka Boudoir Par-tay!) to remind myself what I can do better the next time around. I had so much fun this past weekend with all the girls and cannot wait to do another marathon! HOLLA Back! //To inquire about my Boudoir Packages & Pricing, please complete the Contact form or call 503-308-8228. Follow me on Instagram for daily posts (#bunnsboudoir).

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Here are some things I learned to do better next time:

  • Pamper your clients. Because a marathon can be hectic, make it a great experience for them to remember.
  • Get awesome helpers: on-location hair/makeup stylist and creative assistant. Make it a par-tay and have fun!
  • Offer three packages: (1.) session fee only, (2.) session plus hair/makeup, and (3.) session plus hair/makeup and prints.
  • Book hotel suite for two nights; ideally, Fri-Sun when most people already have time off work.
  • Check hotel suite in person before booking: make sure there is ambient lighting (SW corner usually has the best light) and decor is part of your brand.
  • Be aware of lighting during different seasons, ie. good lighting in October is less than during the month of July when there is more daylight.
  • Collect total session fees at least two weeks before event date. Remember to have all contracts and waivers signed, too!
  • Provide your clients as much information as early as possible: available parking, wardrobe suggestions, makeup tips, print fees, etc.
  • Make sure to have all your clients’ current mobile numbers in your address book. Things do and will come up!
  • Back it up. Back it up. Back it up. Um, I meant backing up your images every day no matter what. (Get a backup camera, too!)
  • Get help with post-production by outsourcing the workload: check out Essential Edit.

One thing that is important to also remember is that most respectful hotels do not condone this type of activity on their property. You can work around it by informing everyone to not talk about the photo shoot— like, at all. What I tell my clients is: Take the elevator straight up to the suite as if you already know where you’re going. NOTE: It’s a good idea to have lots of small bills for tipping bellhop, parking valet, room service, maid service, etc. You will need everyone’s help. (I’m not kidding.)



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