Are You on TikTok? I’m a Newbie!

portland photographers on social media TikTok

I’m on TikTok, but I don’t know what I’m doing… send help!

For the longest time, I refused to join the new social media platform that was causing a storm… Instagram. Now, I wish that I had joined sooner! Through platforms such as Instagram, I have been able to get my work in front of people who wanted to work with me. Facebook’s algorithms were constantly changing and making it more and more challenging to share our work— without having to pay.

There’s a new platform that’s taking over everyone’s phone at a rapid rate: TikTok. It’s like Vine and Instagram got married and had a baby app then named it TikTok.

I’m still learning and trying to figure out what types of posts would even interest anyone. So, here’s to trying to new things!