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I help women and men look their best without Photoshop…
and build their business at the same time.

I’ve photographed families for 10 years now I am a mom after 15 years of infertility. God had a plan for me all along, but it wasn’t until March 7, 2017, that I realized what He had designed for my future. Through open adoption my husband and I finally became parents. It was the one dream we both dreamt for over 15 years and never thought it could come true for us… We were wrong. Oliver Tate Salarzon found us on that fateful day. We are his and he is ours, forever. → Adopting Baby Oliver

As a former portrait/boudoir photographer, I have photographed hundreds of women (and men!) working very closely with my clients and models. When I look through my camera lens, I see how people are shy or not confident because they feel they have flawed skin. When I move in close to them with my camera, I can see the fear and insecurity in their eyes … I want to help them see how beautiful they are and help them feel good about themselves. Amazing skin equals confidence, and that translates to great photos— without Photoshop! However, I didn’t know how to help them achieve great skin and confidence until I discovered Rodan + Fields.

Because of this company and its amazing business opportunity is how I am able to transition from my 10-year career in photography to the kind of lifestyle that I’ve only imagined. Through this business I am now able to work from anywhere and anytime, but, most importantly, with my baby Oliver by my side. (He’s usually asleep, haha!) My ultimate goal is to be able to retire my husband from his full-time job where he’s invested over 22 years of his life to. He loves the company, but it’s time for him to be the stay-at-home dad that he’s always wanted to be. For years, I prayed and prayed for signs; I needed an exit plan from my photography business because I know that I cannot be a photographer forever. It is physically-demanding and I want to invest my time in my family’s memories. This was the answer to my prayers that I have been waiting for. It really has been life-changing for me and many people whom I personally know. Maybe you’re in the same shoes as I was and need something to help you?

(Headshots by Jonathan Canlas & Henry Harder; shot on location in Ibiza, Spain.)