Portland Boudoir Photography (REDEFINED)

It is my goal to redefine Boudoir Photography: Women are naturally soft which is why I love the softness of film and why I prefer not to sharpen my final boudoir pictures … We women are perfect just the way we are, like Jessica. In addition to shooting boudoir on film, my boudoir photography style is more organic, moving with the way a woman’s body moves and not force her in to awkward poses. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with other photography styles this is just how I wish to handle my style. //To inquire about my Boudoir Packages & Pricing, please complete the Contact form or call 503-308-8228. Follow me on Instagram for daily posts (#bunnsboudoir).

Bunn Salarzon - headshot of a beautiful asian womanBunn Salarzon - woman with green hair sitting on bedBunn Salarzon - sexy woman sitting on kitchen counterBunn Salarzon - woman sitting behind windowBunn Salarzon - stunning woman lying on bedBunn Salarzon - beautiful woman smilingBunn Salarzon - portland boudoir photographyBunn Salarzon - gorgeous fit woman in sports jersey shirtBunn Salarzon - portland boudoir photographyBunn Salarzon - woman with arm tattoo lying on sofaBunn Salarzon - beautiful woman sitting on sofa with white dogBunn Salarzon - woman with blue hair laughingBunn Salarzon - portland boudoir photography

Boudoir Photography Tips for Clients

Boudoir photography doesn’t necessarily mean expensive or risqué lingerie; it can be anything that makes you feel good about yourself. This beautiful woman with blue/sea-green hair is wearing minimal makeup, a simple top, and black polka dot high-waist bottom. But, the most important thing that she’s wearing is… Confidence. //Follow my blog for more Boudoir Photo Session Tips. //To inquire about my Boudoir Packages & Pricing, please complete the Contact form or call 503-308-8228 (PST). Follow me on Instagram for daily posts (#bunnsboudoir).

Bunn Salarzon - portland boudoir photography tips

Romantic Bridal Boudoir Pictures as Featured on Style Me Pretty

If you’re planning a wedding, then you may recall your photographer asking if you were interested in having Getting Ready photos. For these photos, your photographer remains in the room with you, documenting you and your bridal party getting ready for the big moment. These images here were taken at a wedding styled shoot that was featured on Style Me Pretty. I wanted to focus on getting ready images a little differently than what is usually done. As a former bride myself, I felt prettiest on my wedding day; I was getting ready for my husband-to-be and I couldn’t wait for him to see me in my wedding dress. Now, looking back on that special day 12 years ago, I wish I had taken a moment to document myself getting ready in this way: Bridal Boudoir Photography … The final images would not only be for my groom as a surprise wedding gift, but for me to cherish one of the prettiest days of my life. //To inquire about my Boudoir Packages & Pricing, please complete the Contact form or call 503-308-8228 (PST). Follow me on Instagram for daily posts (#bunnsboudoir).

Bunn Salarzon - woman applying lipstick in mirror

Photographer: Bunn Salarzon | Floral Design: Vang’s Garden Flowers | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Robe: Casadei | MUAH: Bri from Portland Make-Up & Hair | Model: Angela (This styled shoot was a collaboration with Tara Francis Photography. To view more images from this gallery, visit Style Me Pretty.)

Bunn Salarzon - white lace robe for bridal boudoir picturesBunn Salarzon - portland bridal boudoir hair and makeupBunn Salarzon - woman putting on jimmy chop heelsBunn Salarzon - white lace robe for bridal boudoir picturesBunn Salarzon - brunette putting on makeup in mirrorBunn Salarzon - oregon bridal boudoir photoraphyBunn Salarzon - beautiful woman holding lipstickBunn Salarzon - stunning woman in white lace robe

Wedding Anniversary Photos as Featured on Beloved Darling

(This series is from a wedding anniversary session that was shot on the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon and featured on Beloved Darling.)
As a professional portrait photographer, I am often asked to shoot engagement and wedding anniversary photos. Amanda & Nick will be married for 13 years this August. Because they didn’t have professional photography on their wedding day, we tried to make up for it by incorporating Nick’s fun boat and Amanda’s mother’s dress from when she was in high school. “It has been a hard road but choosing to hear each other’s heart instead of defending our own wants led us to fall in love in new ways.” //Hair & Makeup by Cosmetologist Allie Childers. //To inquire about my Portrait Packages & Pricing, please complete the Contact form or call 503-308-8228 (PST).

Bunn Salarzon - man caressing womanBunn Salarzon - wedding anniversary photos in portlandBunn Salarzon - portland wedding anniversary photos ideasBunn Salarzon - shots of man and womanBunn Salarzon - couple hugging along beach shoreBunn Salarzon - husband hugging happy wife on the beachBunn Salarzon - husband and wife picnicking in a field in the summerBunn Salarzon - man and woman kissing in a field in the summerBunn Salarzon - happy couple on a sunset picnic in the parkBunn Salarzon - cute couple hugging by the riverBunn Salarzon - man and woman embracing on boat on the riverBunn Salarzon - loving couple reading a book on a picnic

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Festive Wedding Photography Puerto Rico Style!

What a better way to start my 2014 wedding year… and end it?

Yes, it’s true: I am no longer accepting weddings as I pursue another chapter in my business which is Boudoir Photography, including Bridal Boudoir. My first and “last” wedding this year took me all the way to Puerto Rico where I had the honor to document Mounty & Michael’s romantic wedding in Old San Juan at Hotel El Convento. I’ve known the bride since she was just the super shy new girl in town; now, she’s like a little sister to me. I adore her so much even when she gives her other big sisters and me grief— that’s what little sisters do! Luckily, we all still love her a lot. ;) ¡Felicidades, Mounty y Michael! Les deseamos a ambos toda la felicidad del mundo!

Bunn Salarzon - wedding photography puerto rico

Mounty is the kind of person who is always there for you, always. And. No. Matter. How. She was there for me as a bridesmaid on my own wedding day 12 years ago; so, it makes me beyond happy that I was able to be there for her on her wedding day. This video highlights some of the best moments that we all shared together that day: Puerto Rico Wedding Video at Hotel El Convento in Old San Juan … Enjoy it with us as we relive those memories over and over again! (And it was a hot day, oy!)

Wedding Photographer: Bunn Salarzon | Wedding Planner: Maria A. Lugo | Venue: Hotel El Convento (Old San Juan, Puerto Rico) | Officiant: Pastor Cory Casterton | DJ Entertainment: DJ Sugar PDX | Live Band: Grupo Yuvi Plena | Ceremony Music: Pancho Irizarry | Photo Booth: PartyBooth PR | Hair & Makeup: DIDI | Wedding Cake: Little Cupcake Shop | Florist: Lorraine’s Flowers | Gown: Charlotte’s Weddings & More | Tuxedo: Men’s Wearhouse

Bunn Salarzon - wedding photography puerto rico

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