Take Care of Your Parents in their Old Age

When my husband Romie and I decided to be his mother’s caregivers — she would live with us and we’d take care of her every need — we never realized how much it would change our lives … lots of ups and downs. And patience. To watch someone you love slowly lose grasp of the little things the rest of us find so simple to do, like feeding yourself, is not easy and almost heart-breaking. Her name is Pacita, but she’s known as Lola to her many grandchildren and their children. This is Lola’s diary…

On our last trip back to Thailand I posted this cell phone image and its story from Bangkok, I didn’t realize the impact it would have at the time when I put it on Facebook. I’m still overwhelmed with emotions as I copy the story here: [Get your tissues ready]: My mom (Chitta Nix) was buying drinks at one of the food carts when the vendor and another lady asked her about Romie & Lola … English Translation: “We’ve been watching them the last 10 minutes and in tears to learn that your son-in-law is taking care/feeding his mom. In my 47 years, I’ve never seen anything so sweet. You both are blessed to have him.” (Romie does this every day.)

The post generated 6,500+ views organically. (Wow!) //You can follow her Instagram account for more posts on The Lola Diaries. (If Lola could still speak, she may say):

The Lola Diaries - take care of your parents in their old age

Black and White Boudoir Photography?

Sometimes the simplicity of wearing all black on a white background can give a classic feel, too. Our eyes are not so distracted by many colors but just a few tones and that’s all it needs to make a statement. //Model: Chrystal //Shoot Location: In studio. //Hair & Makeup by Powder Inc. //To inquire about my Boudoir Packages & Pricing, please complete the Contact form or call 503-308-8228 (PST). Follow me on Instagram for daily posts (#bunnsboudoir).

Bunn Salarzon - beautiful blonde woman in black lingerieBunn Salarzon - gorgeous blonde woman lying in black tulleBunn Salarzon - black and white boudoir photographyBunn Salarzon - stunning blonde woman lying on white bedBunn Salarzon - black and white boudoir photographyBunn Salarzon - ballerina woman in black tutuBunn Salarzon - blonde woman in black leotard and tutu

Posing for Family Pictures: To Be or Not to Be Told How to Pose

The question I get asked often is: “Do you direct your clients in their family pictures?” Yes. I’m usually behind the camera, but I have been in front of a dozen cameras— sometimes all at once(!) with photographers who did not really direct to those who told me exactly everything that they wanted me to do. For me, I was more confident when I was directed and my favorite photos came from that experience. But, I also know when to just observe … For Arlene and Derek’s maternity-family portraits at Seattle’s Discovery Park, they prepared me for their self-proclaimed awkwardness in front of the camera yet they were simply loving and sweet to me. By watching how they are together naturally made these images happen. //To inquire about my Portrait Packages & Pricing, please complete the Contact form or call 503-308-8228 (PST). Follow me on Instagram where I post daily.

Bunn Salarzon - posing for family pictures



Bunn Salarzon - baby boy sitting

Why I Don’t Show Large Family Group Photos

Confession: A family of three is easiest to work with (for me). Okay, let me explain… I can better visualizeView full post »

Bunn Salarzon - outdoor portland family portraits

Photo Shoot Spots vs Locations

This family met me at Portland IKEA for their photo shoot… I am looking for new spots for photo shoots withinView full post »

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Shooting for Our Adoption or Fertility Treatments

I am still accepting bookings to help with our adoption journey. Happy New Year!! May 2017 be the best year for youView full post »

Bunn Salarzon - baby milk bath photos with mommy

Baby Milk Bath Photos with Mommy

Baby Milk Bath Photos… and Boudoir Photography? Boudoir Photography doesn’t necessarily mean “nakedView full post »

Awesome Costumes Ideas for Halloween?

(What to Do in Oregon?)

Actually, these are random photos that I captured from Kumoricon 2013; an annual anime convention held at Hilton Vancouver Washington for their truest followers … Every year on Labor Day weekend, these talented individuals in very impressive costumes roam Esther Short Park, nearby where I live, and it’s always a treat to see what they come up with each year. Next time, come join us and bring your kids because they’ll love all the creative costumes— don’t forget your camera!

Bunn Salarzon - scary yellow and black alien girlBunn Salarzon - the legend of zelda costumeBunn Salarzon - fair elf playing piano in the parkBunn Salarzon - mad hatter girl at the parkBunn Salarzon - awesome costumes at kumoricon 2013Bunn Salarzon - awesome costumes at kumoricon 2013Bunn Salarzon - green monster girl with hornsBunn Salarzon - blue wizard costume ideas

Playing with Masks at My Portland Boudoir Studio

I brought home some colorful masks from my last trip to the Philippines, and I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my boudoir photo shoots even for just a few shots. This bride wanted my help with a Bridal Boudoir surprise gift for her groom-to-be on their wedding day, and that’s exactly what we did: He was surprised! //Model: Jamie //Hair & Makeup by Cassandra Kennedy //To inquire about my Boudoir Packages & Pricing, please complete the Contact form or call 503-308-8228 (PST).

Bunn Salarzon - woman with gold mask at portland boudoir studio