Awesome Costumes Ideas for Halloween?

(What to Do in Oregon?)

Actually, these are random photos that I captured from Kumoricon 2013; an annual anime convention held at Hilton Vancouver Washington for their truest followers … Every year on Labor Day weekend, these talented individuals in very impressive costumes roam Esther Short Park, nearby where I live, and it’s always a treat to see what they come up with each year. Next time, come join us and bring your kids because they’ll love all the creative costumes— don’t forget your camera!

Bunn Salarzon - scary yellow and black alien girlBunn Salarzon - the legend of zelda costumeBunn Salarzon - fair elf playing piano in the parkBunn Salarzon - mad hatter girl at the parkBunn Salarzon - awesome costumes at kumoricon 2013Bunn Salarzon - awesome costumes at kumoricon 2013Bunn Salarzon - green monster girl with hornsBunn Salarzon - blue wizard costume ideas

Playing with Masks at My Portland Boudoir Studio

I brought home some colorful masks from my last trip to the Philippines, and I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my boudoir photo shoots even for just a few shots. This bride wanted my help with a Bridal Boudoir surprise gift for her groom-to-be on their wedding day, and that’s exactly what we did: He was surprised! //Model: Jamie

Bunn Salarzon - woman with gold mask at portland boudoir studio

A Windy Yet Sweet Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photo Shoot

I first met April when she commissioned me, on behalf of Nike, for 2011 Nike Sneaker Ball Portland. It was a super fun event with sneakers everywhere! Fast forward two years later, I met with April again … But, this time it would be on the famous Brooklyn Bridge in New York City for her “engagement photos.” Those words in quotations because Jamel didn’t officially propose until a few weeks after. (And the official bling ring? Jamel did GOOD!) Their tropical destination wedding is going to be so GOOD!

Bunn Salarzon - man and woman hugging on brooklyn bridgeBunn Salarzon - guy and girl flirting on brooklyn bridgeBunn Salarzon - guy hugging girl in front of garage doorBunn Salarzon - brooklyn bridge engagement photo shootBunn Salarzon - guy and girl dancing in ny alleywayBunn Salarzon - guy kissing girl in alleywayBunn Salarzon - landscape of nyc from brooklyn bridgeBunn Salarzon - beautiful couple in new york cityBunn Salarzon - new york city engagement picturesBunn Salarzon - beautiful couple hugging on brooklyn bridgeBunn Salarzon - girl kissing guy in middle of street in nycBunn Salarzon - new york city engagement photographyBunn Salarzon - brooklyn bridge engagement session