Portland Family Portraits with Newborn Baby

Newborn Photography has risen to an astounding level thanks to Anne Geddes and her amazing vision digitally making babies into adorable sunflowers or the cutest little mermaids you ever did see. She makes baby Halloween costumes wearable all year round and mommies love it! I tried and failed at being anything like her; I can’t seem to swaddle a baby and put him in a basket hoping he doesn’t cry because he will cry (they all cry!) especially with me around. I missed my calling as a baby whisperer, that title fits my husband, but he doesn’t know how to use a camera— hence, I am the photographer in the family. I learned that it’s best for me to leave it to my friends who do this style of photography naturally (and with a lot of patience!), and I will just do what I do best which is include the parents and have them hold baby in their arms.

My style of photographing newborns is called Lifestyle Photography where I document the family as they are in their own home (or my studio); I try to capture those in-between moments that often times get overlooked, but should be cherished because they don’t last forever. These moments are when mommy feeds baby or daddy helping baby learn to walk; your first year together will go by so fast and I want to help you remember those tiny baby steps. Of course, I am sure to get those traditional and beautiful smiling portraits for the proud grandparents, too. //To inquire about my Portrait Packages & Pricing, please complete the Contact form or call 503-308-8228. Follow me on Instagram where I post daily.

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Portland Family Portraits at the Historic Deepwood Estate in Salem

Deena & Sari are first-time parents; they used to live in Salem so we decided to take a little drive south to the Historic Deepwood Estate in Salem, Oregon for summer family portraits with their adorable baby girl. The new parents named their baby after Deena’s late mother Maha, it was actually Sari’s idea … The name is Arabic for an animal (oryx) that’s similar to a deer and known for the beauty in its eyes. I see that and I love that— and I adore them! This was their first professional family photo shoot together, but Deena is no stranger to cameras. She is also a professional photographer whose business, D. Selbak Photography, specializes in weddings and portraiture. //To inquire about my Portrait Packages & Pricing, please complete the Contact form or call 503-308-8228 (PST). Follow me on Instagram where I post daily.

Bunn Salarzon - daddy with baby girlBunn Salarzon - young parents with adorable baby girlBunn Salarzon - Portland Family PortraitsBunn Salarzon - new parents hugging crying little girlBunn Salarzon - black and white pictures of young familyBunn Salarzon - baby girl standing in chairBunn Salarzon - young parents with baby girl

Our Family Pictures on Hawaii with Jonathan Canlas Photography!

When my husband Romie and I decided to be his mother’s caregivers — she would live with us and we’d take care of her every need — we never realized how much it would change our lives … lots of ups and downs. And patience. To watch someone you love slowly lose grasp of the little things the rest of us find so simple to do, like feeding yourself, is not easy and almost heart-breaking. Her name is Pacita, but she’s known as Lola to her many grandchildren and their children. This is Lola’s diary…

As a portrait photographer based in Portland, Oregon, I photograph other people’s weddings and families all the time; I document their precious time together … The laughter, the tears, the joy, the memories of it all. Sometimes I get so focused on creating memories for others that I overlook my own family— I can’t ever forget about my own. (I hope you don’t forget yours either.) Last fall, when Lola’s dementia seemed to have gone for the worst, my husband Romie hugged me in silent tears … We felt helpless because nothing we did was making any difference for her. She was a stone, zombie if you will. So, we vowed to do whatever it took (and immediately!) to get beautiful images by one of my favorite family photographers: Jonathan Canlas. I don’t have any professional portraits of my own grandmother to treasure; she passed away years ago yet the pain still runs deep and I wish to have beautiful photographs of us together before she was sick. Because I didn’t want Romie to miss on having incredible portraits with his mom… We made it happen even though we had no idea how we could really pay for it all. But, I’d rather make memories than regrets.

//You can follow her Instagram account for more posts on The Lola Diaries. (If Lola could still speak, she may say): “Want me to smile? Give me MONEY!!” 

The Lola Diaries - family pictures on hawaiiThe Lola Diaries - family pictures on hawaiiThe Lola Diaries - family pictures on hawaiiThe Lola Diaries - family pictures on hawaiiThe Lola Diaries - family pictures on hawaii

Affordable Boudoir Photography

An iBoudoir Session all started with an idea I had for Instagram in 2012: I shoot a boudoir session entirely on my iPhone— Yep, that’s it! These images are never Photoshopped because I am encouraging all women out there to love yourself without digital plastic surgery. It’s a different experience, but the same style of photography that I am known for. iBoudoir Sessions are an alternative for affordable boudoir photography sessions. You can find more samples of my iBoudoir Sessions on my gallery. //To inquire about my Boudoir Packages & Pricing, please complete the Contact form or call 503-308-8228. Follow me on Instagram for daily posts (#bunnsboudoir).



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Bunn Salarzon - maternity boudoir photography experience

She may look like a professional model, but she isn't. You may know her ... She is The Girl Next Door.



WHO ARE YOU? My name is Victoria and I work in the healthcare industry.

WHAT WAS YOUR GOAL? (Was this your first boudoir photo experience?) No, this was my 3rd. I wanted to do this for my son and to be able to remind myself how beautiful I looked during my pregnancy.

WHAT DID BUNN OR HER TEAM DO TO HELP PUT YOU AT EASE? Being pampered and having fun. She made me feel comfortable and helped me find the best position that helped me look flattering. (Hair & Makeup: Styled by Chrystal)


HOW WOULD YOU COMPLETE THIS SENTENCE: "Every woman should experience a boudoir photo session with Bunn because..." She will help bring out the confidence and the beauty that may be hidden away from the routines of life. This is an experience that every woman should have.

//To see more images of Victoria's maternity boudoir photo shoot, check out Maternity Boudoir Session and also the Maternity Boudoir Photography Gallery. //To inquire about my Boudoir Packages & Pricing, please complete the Contact form or call 503-308-8228 (PST). Follow me on Instagram for daily posts.